Sunday, May 24, 2015

Terraclips: Dead yet still alive

I started using Terraclips Building and Street sets for a city campaign I was running.  I grew attached to them for their flexibilty and low impact on storage. In fact, they sort of helped me make the jump into playing Malifaux. 

I always wanted to get more of the Street set but kept putting off until finances got a little better. I noticed last Xmas the the Wyrd site was clearing them out. Didn't think much of it.  I had them on my Amazon wish list. Then this year, when I wasn't looking, they became unavailable online.  I blinked and the whole line was dropped.  I freaked out, ran to my local FLGS and bought out what was there. 

A bit of a shame. The design was extremely versatile. It was perfect for a tabletop RPG.  Being able to put miniatures in a house where you could pull out a wall, or have some on one level while others on another made the abstract much more real. 

For wargaming, it was pretty good.  The big caveot I found was the thing that made Terraclips great for RPG's - multiple level buildings where you could take the roof off and resolve a separate fight from the main group - could slow down a Malifaux game. To get a miniature to the top level of a building could take an entire session. The best way to make it work was two have a two level platform or bridge, but little-to-no interior interactions.  

Here's an example of Terraclips in a Malifux game that I thought worked.  The idea was two buildings with second floor platform and railing you could run through the house to get to... or run between two houses or up a bridge / staircase to get from one side to the other. Here I used the two ramps to have a fountain in the middle. Note: the board doesn't include the 6" deployment zone.

The middle could be swapped out for something else. Here I used more an elevated walkway.  It worked out well, as long as you clarified you could not run underneath the platforms.

Here's one last set-up with the middle clear and ladders where the platforms used to be.

I'll do a post soon where I show how well it worked for RPG's.

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