Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Carver, Part 1

So I'm going to blog a bit about scarecrows because I have a lot of them on my hands.  Specifically:
I'm starting with The Carver though, because I wanted to knock out the ones that need to be assembled first (. ..and plus I wanted to try Night of the Carver scenario for a game).

He came in a single plastic sleeve where you had to cut him off sprues.  
What threw me off a bit was he came with two heads: a pumpkin head, and a cloth one that looked frighteningly like The Scarecrow from the Chris Nolan Batman series.

I loved both so checked in with the family. My wife in particular insisted on a gourd was way better. So Peter Pumpkinhead it is.  Clothface is just going to have wait for a kitbash.

What's most interesting to me about the mini is this subtle detail of how he's still attached to the pole he was hung on. Its like he got he got his hands free from the pole, but not his upper body.  So he forced himself off by breaking the base.  Now he's free to walk but still stuck with a scarecrow cross on his back.

This time to prime I decided on combining the Black prime/white dry brush and White prime / black wash techniques. I did a Grey Prime, black wash, and drybrush white.  I was stunned at how well it came out.

I used this same priming method for a Janey Blankenship from Reaper that I planned on using as a proxy for a Pistolero de Latigo.  I was stunned at how well it came out.  Its almost as if I tried my hand at monochrome for the first time.

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