Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Teddy 6: Re-pinning and calling it a day

I looked further into why Teddy would not stand flat.  It was partially due to that Wyrd gave him rounded feet underneath.  That meant he stood more like a Weeble... but one who did fall down.

After re-touching up the dings and slips from the previous session with Teddy, I figured I could make it work by making it look just floating slightly above the pentagram, like he'd just been summoned.  A few shadows around the feet and blackening out the dried green stuff is what I'd need. But...

...I kept picking him up to see what brush would fit in under the insert.  One time I put him down and he just popped out of his pins.  And of course, a little paint came off with him.

Okay so I had clean-up painting and re-pinning work to do. But this time, I was going to make sure Teddy was going to stay in place.  He's a top-heavy mini.  Short-cutting with smaller pins didn't work.  Longer pins were needed. Abondon the floating look - get him as flat to the ground as possible. 

So time to route out the tabs underneath the base.  Say good-bye plastic tabs!  You're a nice idea, but just in the way...

The other thing that had to happen was filing down the excess metal from under the footpads.

This time, Teddy slid in place pretty nicely.

Bent the pins back, glued in place and added some washers to give that extra weight to the bottom.  Also I left one washer a little bumped underneath.  This way I could pick him up from the base during gameplay - without having to put my fingers all over Teddy himself.

Teddy finally looked good. A small voice in my head said, "You know what would really look good? A little bit of drool dripping out of his mouth, like he'd just been conjured up and is just salivating over sinking his teeth into you." And another voice answered, "YOU'RE DONE. Let it go, son."

So I'm calling Teddy done.

A few lessons learned:
  • The original Teddy mini has rounded feet. So once he's cut off the metal tab, there's filing that needs to be done
  • Always pin your minis first. I hesitated because of the weight.  Big mistake.
  • Never drill holes on a prefab inserts before they've been glued 
  • And if you've got a heavy mini where you're going to twist the pins under the base, file out the plastic tabs underneath the base before finalizing
  • White primer, black wash. Perfect combo for lighters colors that "pop"

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