Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Wicked Dolls

So I've mentioned in my "lump golem" post that I'm looking into doll minis... Mostly due to the release of the 2e Collodi crew.

I had a pack of first edition Wicked dolls that I thought I'd start with. I wanted to have the bases prepared do first, I had to decide what environment they'd be in. I figured Collodi would be using dolls and marionettes on a stage so the base should be inside rather than outside. 

I wanted to do some true color matching on the Terraclips Building set (rather than the Street set, which i've almost nailed). When I tried to mimic this with Teddy, the wood had too much red in it. This time I used a FolkArt Linen and Mushroom as the base, and just used a heavy FolkArt Van Dyke Brown (like a Walnut brown) wash.  I used a Wyrd Orphange 30mm insert, and found a Buildings square with a care in it.  Here I used Reaper's Orange Brow and a little FolkArt Yellow Ochre mixed in. The carpet patterns were just a heavy Van Dyke glaze. Very pleased with the results. 

Primed the dolls white, black wash for separation.  Prime colors I decided were going to be bright, fun colors - like a clown suit. So a lot of Reaper HD colors got used here: Saffron Yellow, Dragon Blue, Ice Blue and a sample paint that I think is Moth Green.  The purples were Anita's Hyacinth, and Violet.  

One small disappointment on the models themselves: the stitching was a little inconsistent. Most of the pattern was recessive, with nothing raised to paint string or thread. So all you can leave is a black wash border that implies stitching.
I also decided that one of the dolls was going to get stripes. Dreaded, dreaded red stripes...
Decided I was going to make another attempt on Tamiya clear red for a little bloody handprint on the rightmost doll and the bloody footprints on the floor for the leftmost doll.
My grandmother always had a sewn clown doll that was a baby blue with white polka dots. We'd come to her house and it would be sitting on the bed right under what had to be the most unsettling picture of baby Jesus with the eyes that look right at you. Can't recreate the Jesus pic but can borrow the clown for it's color scheme. It's something that would probably give my sister nightmares for days.
I think polka dots trump stripes in the PITA factor.
After getting the spacing right on both sides, I told myself I was done. Following day, I took it all back and tortured myself into trying to get shading done right on this last guy. But in the end, I feel like I got all three done in a good way.

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