Monday, December 15, 2014

Teddy 2: First coat

First coat of Teddy Bear Tan on the body.  A little black outline on the eyes, claws, nose, badge area, and pads around the ears and hands.  

I used to exclusively prime black/ drybrush white. Its a great method for beginners to learn about shadows and separation lines. You do sacrifice some richness, though, and it requires a lot of build-up to re-create it.  

Now I almost always prime white, so the black wash or "eyeliner" phase is so cruicial and sometimes I miss it in my desire to see what that first coat looks like. This mini has been a lessons learned. The teeth had so much "pop" after the black wash.

I have an Apple Barrel Dusty Mauve that's a perfect color for gums. My mistake is using the next red color up Apple Barrel Burgundy as a lip color. Its too deep of a red and I almost turned Teddy into a cheap harlot. I'm going to leave it as the bottom gum line and inside of the lip, but have to find the right lip color. (Funny question to ask for a teddy bear.) Here I started re-painting white the top of the lip white...
Decided on FolkArt Honeycomb for the lip just to give it a slightly darker tone than the fur.  For the "crazy eyes", I used Reaper's HD paints: outer circle Brilliant Red, then Fireball Orange then Entrail Pink with a dot of Crimson Red as the pupil.

Filling out the middle circle of the bade was FolkArt True Blue, little more Delta Ceramcoat Sky Blue, FolkArt French Blue, and finally Delta Ceramcoat Baby Blue.

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