Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Zoraida Proxy, Part 2: Bog Elemental for Bad Juju

Okay, I did almost nothing to the Bog Elemental other than cut him off the old base and stick him on the new.  But how could you blame me?  Of all the original WoW minis... this one and the Goblin Shredder were the best paint jobs.  And the sculpt here is really great. (Note: this came from the WOW mini game from Upper Deck, not the WOW Board game from Fantasy Flight where the murlocs came from).

I did do a few touch-ups:
  • A lot of de-glosser to get the shine down.  
  • Never understood why he had one brown thumbnail and one green one... Both are brown now.
  • Evened out the wash and the vine color.  
  • A little drybrushing here and there.
I do miss having the voodoo dolls that the M2E figure has - that's a really cool touch.  But I really wanted to play Bad Juju the Mire Golem without delay.

The base I did similar to the murlocs - some green stuff, a little ruined cobblestone, Vallejo Still Water, static grass and tufts from The Army Painter.  Don't think I mentioned that on the murloc post.

Quick update: after I posted this I realized the flowers on ole Swampy's back were a sloppy mess.  So I went back and touched them up with some Reaper HD paints: Fireball Orange, Rusty Red, a wash with Crimson Red, and some highlights with Golden Yellow.

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