Saturday, November 8, 2014

...and this is.... what?

Social media sites sometimes irritate me.  The character limitation on posts is annoying, you upload one pic at a time, and defacto editing (e.g., the order of posts) is nigh impossible.

I've wanted to post pictures and some "how to's" on mini painting and gaming works I've done. But the social posts lack the details, they aren't easily searchable, and there's not a lot people on my social sites that would give a damn. 

Eventually I realized, what I'm looking to do is post a blog.  So... I came up with malzowowper...

(umm... what?)

Malzowowper is an almagamation of: 

  • Malifaux
  • Zobeck
  • Warcraft*
  • Reaper (the miniature company)
And if I could have squeezed Pathfinder in there... I probably would have done that too.  But Malzowowper PF sounds like someone getting snarky with me.  (Malzowowper??  *pffff*)

Anyway off we go...  

I love the world of WOW. As a result, I've gathered some cool figures/minis and flavor things along the way.  But anyone looking to find anything regarding the current WOW game may not find anything of value here at all.  Maybe some day I'll post a bit on that.

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